binx health was featured in Fortune Magazine highlighting the io platform as not only the first and fastest FDA-cleared molecular point-of-care diagnostic for the detection of chlamydia and gonorrhea, but also for its potential to be a “breakthrough” in efforts to prevent and control STIs. UCLA epidemiologist Jeffrey Klausner highlights the need for “new tools and strategies” to combat the growing STI epidemic and the binx io is well-positioned to do just that. Read the full article here [pdf].


binx health brings rapid, accurate and convenient infectious disease testing to people where they live, work and shop. Our solutions broaden access to care for millions and put proprietary testing solutions in the hands of clinicians everywhere, including in the ever-expanding footprint of retail health. The FDA cleared, binx io system is a highly flexible and easy-to-use, molecular point-of-care platform leveraging patented, multiplex technology to enable central lab equivalent clinical performance in decentralized, near patient locations such as OB-GYN and primary care, retail pharmacy, urgent care, and the large and evolving category of consumer “super stores,” that are increasingly serving customer health needs. Our large partners seek to serve the testing needs of both in-clinic/store and at-home populations. In addition to the binx io onsite care platform above, binx has also developed a suite of medical guideline driven, at-home testing solutions to reach the many who are unwilling or unable to visit a physical location. We believe the future of near-patient healthcare lies at the nexus of testing convenience, rigorous science, and consumer relationships with a rapidly expanding retail health landscape.