Navigating COVID can be confusing. Your testing program doesn’t have to be.

Keep communities together, employees on site and students learning in-person with accessible and easy-to-deploy COVID-19 testing programs at-home, in the office, or on campus.

Testing Solutions for any Group

The binx health COVID-19 platform can help organizations and communities of all sizes implement comprehensive and guideline-driven programs to help maintain the safety and well-being of their population. Our program is a great fit for schools, universities and organizations that need convenient, simple testing options.

Our end-to-end solution goes beyond just testing. Get the real-time information you need to assist in the monitoring and control of outbreaks while meeting testing requirements, and keep your communities, employees and students safe.

Our solutions • Individual self-collected sample collection for PCR-based laboratory testing • Pooled self-collected sample collection for PCR-based laboratory testing for communal settings • Rapid antigen test for results in ~15 minutes • Secure, digital platform that enables robust reporting to facilitate program compliance, tracking and tracing of test results

How It Works

  • Easy to use Self-collected sample collection

    Conveniently access testing from home, school, the office, or anywhere else.

  • PCR results are processed quickly

    Our third-party partner laboratories offer high quality results with 24-48 hour turnaround times.

  • Mitigate further spread

    Link results with medical guideline-driven care and robust customized reporting.


  • Q: What is the price of binx health COVID-19 sample-collection plus reference laboratory testing for my group?

    Pricing varies with volume. Please get in touch with us for the most accurate price quote.

  • Q: Why choose the binx health program for COVID-19 testing?

    Program options tailored to support employers and institutions of all sizes to facilitate the collection, tracking, tracing and managing results across your entire community • Minimal on-site staffing resources required • Affordable and convenient testing • High-quality test results in 24-48 hours • Robust reporting

  • Q: Does binx offer an antigen testing program?

    Yes! We have rapid antigen testing that is readily available that can be used in conjuction with our digital platform. Antigen tests give results in as fast as 15 minutes. Price varies with volume, please get in touch for an accurate price quote.

  • Q: What is COVID-19 PCR testing?

    COVID-19 PCR testing detects an infection of SARS-CoV-2. A positive result may indicate that one has the virus and is infectious. binx health received Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) for self-collected nasal swab samples which are processed at binx health's partner laboratory for highly accurate results. Authorized for use for those 5+.