Enabling more convenient STI testing

  • binx io: for those coming onsite, we offer central laboratory equivalent chlamydia and gonorrhea testing via our FDA-cleared, CLIA-waived molecular point-of-care platform.
  • binx everywhere: for those wanting testing with convenience and discretion, we offer at-home sample collection for test processing at our third-party partner reference laboratories.
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binx aims to revolutionize STI diagnostics with a suite of technology solutions that radically improve the patient and clinician experience.

Together we can take on the STI epidemic. With convenient, discreet, and efficient testing, binx eliminates the largest barriers to stopping the spread of infection.

binx empowers your staff to provide superior STI care.

binx everywhere: clinician-mediated, at-home sample collection is convenient and discreet. Patients collect samples, send to our partner reference laboratories, and receive results from the comfort of their home, eliminating barriers to testing such as stigma and inconvenience.

At the point-of-care: binx io is the world’s first FDA-cleared, CLIA-waved, molecular point-of-care test providing central lab quality results in about 30 minutes for chlamydia and gonorrhea in women and men.

Online: binx connect puts the control in the clinicians hands, letting clinicians order binx at-home collection for patients, view data about local populations, and make strategic decisions about how to reach untested members of the local community.

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