Healthcare is Changing, Adapt With binx everywhere

Expanding access, privacy, and equity for patient populations facing barriers to care.

Convenient, lab-quality diagnostic solutions

Our binx everywhere platform provides the necessary tools to connect your community with convenient diagnostic testing programs through self-collected samples, laboratory partnerships, and a full continuum of clinical care.

Distributed care as a service

Detect. Manage. Monitor. Analyze.

Primary care
Infectious diseases
Health and wellness
Chronic diseases

The binx everywhere platform enables custom solution design to manage your population health programs across all health states and categories.

Partner with us

binx everywhere provides customizable software solutions to meet partner needs and ensure that the best test is provided to the right patient.

Empowering a shift in remote healthcare


Departments of health


Health systems


How it works

binx everywhere is an all-in-one technology-driven logistics management platform that provides the vital components for a scalable remote healthcare system that can be implemented quickly and seamlessly.

Flexible and customizable

Our platform allows you to coordinate convenient access to testing for your population using your health infrastructure or ours.

Laboratory services

  • Your laboratory
  • Our partner laboratory

Logistics & distribution

  • Self-collection kits delivered nationwide
  • On-site collection

Systems integration

  • Your health records system
  • Our portal

Connection to care

  • Your healthcare providers
  • Our partner healthcare providers

Build your program

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